Lead Generation Services

Many companies will offer your business SEO advice, ad management, and web design services. These techniques are helpful – but in the end, they’re merely strategies used to amplify business. Most of those services are not related to lead generation companies.

Showing up on the first page of Google isn’t the most important thing, nor is getting 10,000 likes on Facebook. Those metrics only matter if your business performance reflects them – if you’re getting more calls and closing more deals. If results aren’t happening, then those strategies are worthless.

Our lead generation services are different. We provide comprehensive strategies to help drive business right to your doorstep.

What Do You Need in a Lead Generation Business?

The number-one priority is simple. To improve your business, you need the help of a lead generation company that understands that there are many strategies that will generate leads. AskChad acts as such a resource.

Social media is where people spend most of their time on the internet, both for work and for fun. They’re used to seeing ads tailored to their needs on Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc., and these ads do well because they’re found on web pages that users enjoy. By placing paid ads on such platforms, you’re guaranteed to get more eyes on your business because people are curious as to what you can offer them. By placing paid ads on sites with heavy traffic, you automatically up your chances of being noticed.

Because we are a local lead generation business, we understand the importance of boosting local business. We can aim your ads towards people in your area, so that you can service your community and the people around you.

At AskChad, our lead generation services use a combination of web design SEO, social media posts, and content creation services to help you keep content fresh and relevant while you do what you do best: close business.

Our Strategies

Our strategies, like other lead generation companies, focus on:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Pleasing web design
  • Content creation services

What sets our strategies apart, though, is the fact that we are a local lead generation business. We’ll get into the importance of this later, but it is an important detail to note.

Search Engine Optimization
Most people begin the journey towards what they’re looking for on the internet via search engines. No longer does the sentiment “if we build it, they will come” stand. Today’s marketplace is more complex, and more competitive, than that.

Where someone lands during their journey depends on search engine optimization. Putting weight on this is important, because it brings more clicks to your webpage.

We are highly skilled in SEO and web design, two aspects that go hand-in-hand. To bring your webpage to the forefront of people’s attention, a list of keywords is, for lack of a better term, key. By incorporating keywords and interspersing them throughout your page, you increase your chances in being seen. Body text links that match the needs of your customers also makes for highly effective SEO.

Social Media
Like we touched on in the beginning of this post, social media is the powerhouse of the internet. It’s a hub for nearly everything that goes on within the airwaves.

If you lean towards a more old-school way of thinking, social media may seem like a waste of time, or something that only young people use, but that is simply not true. People have fun on social media – people of all ages – and it would be a mistake not to use such a platform to get eyes on your product.

Having a strong presence on social media means gaining active leads, and that’s something your website cannot live without.

Blog posts are amazing for clickbait. They tie in with social media because, at the crux of it all, you’re going to need something to post on social media. That’s where the blog comes in.

Whether your blog consists of daily/weekly newsletters, articles, or special profiles, they can be posted across every social media platform. We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – you name it. All of these platforms bring in more traffic, and more traffic means more leads.

Web Design
It’s important that your web page is pleasing to the eye. There are studies that show how much more positively customers respond to well-built, responsive, and beautiful web pages opposed to dull, unresponsive, and laggy ones.

By making sure your site moves fast and looks good while doing it, you’re sure to keep customers on your site for a longer amount of time – and perhaps make a purchase or two while they’re there.

Content Creation Services
Nobody can know for certain what each specific user wants. But we can make a good guess by looking at what they’re currently reading and researching.

Look at the content that you’ve already published. What gets the most views? The most comments and interactions? By looking at this data, you can learn what you should create more of.

Local Lead Generation Business

So, what do you look for in a local lead generation business? Is it any different than ranking a national company?


When it comes to a local lead generation business, citations are more important. When you work locally, such businesses supply you with relevant local content instead of general information that might not even apply to your business. Companies that work with clients nationwide, or even worldwide, will not have such tailored information, knowledge, or materials.

We are also active in GMB (Google My Business), where we post useful articles and information. We make sure that the knowledge we put into the world is relevant to our demographic and community – the people that matter to us the most.

Lead generation services such as AskChad engage with local reviews, which means that we are always improving and interacting with customers in our community. Our priority is helping the people who live among us and making sure that our customers are supplied with the best possible service.

When you work with AskChad, our attention is focused on you – because we work locally. Unlike nationwide companies, we have both the expertise and the time.