I.T. or Information Technology is more than just working on your computer. Watch this video to understand why good technical representation is important for all companies regardless of the size. Click to find out what IT really is and how you cannot afford not to have support.

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Running a business is more than just the goods and services that you offer to your clients. You have books to keep , marketing collateral to produce and distribute and data that needs to be protected. All of this runs on systems that need to be maintained. AskChad helps you manage your internal IT and Creative process to keep you productive and efficient.

We have a 3 tiered approach to supporting our clients, IT Support, Creative Services, Process Analysis / Coaching. We look at your business make sure your systems are running efficiently and are safe from disaster and continually offer suggestions and guidance on any need you might have.

Marketing is heavily dependent on the connectivity between systems. Whether you need Facebook to update automatically when adding a blog post. Or new creatives design or created for regular posting. AskChad integrates all of that into the support of your marketing efforts.

Creative Services

From Web Design, Network Setup And Monitoring or Email Managment, to Marketing Setup and Analytics, we got you covered.

IT Support

Workstation Maintenance, Anti Virus & Anti Spyware or VPN and Remote Desktop, you name it, we do it.

Process Analysis / Coaching

You need a CRM Implimentation and Managment or maybe to secure your office or store with CCTV? We’re here for you!

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