Marketing Systems /
Process Coaching

You need a CRM Implementation and Management or maybe to secure your office or store with CCTV? We’re here for you!

IT Support

Workstation Maintenance, Anti Virus & Anti Spyware or VPN and Remote Desktop, you name it, we do it.

Creative Services

From Web Design, Network Setup And Monitoring or Email Managment, to Marketing Setup and Analytics, we got you covered.

Business is Tough

We can help you succeed

Running a business is more than just the goods and services that you offer to your clients. You have books to keep , marketing collateral to produce and distribute and data that needs to be protected. All of this runs on systems that need to be maintained. AskChad helps you manage your internal IT and Creative process to keep you productive and efficient.

We have a 3 tiered approach to supporting our clients, IT Support, Creative Services, Process Analysis / Coaching. We look at your business make sure your systems are running efficiently and are safe from disaster and continually offer suggestions and guidance on any need you might have.

Marketing is heavily dependent on the connectivity between systems. Whether you need Facebook to update automatically when adding a blog post or even if you’re looking for new creative designs to be used for regular posting. AskChad integrates all of that into the support of your marketing efforts.

good technical representation is important
for all companies

our services and products

Featured Services

AskChad Micro Business Basic

This “per user” support package keeps you focused on running your business, instead of keeping your business running.

$55.00 / month

Web Design

Our web design process is not just about providing you an attractive site that represents your brand well, which it will.

$200.00 / month

AskChad Micro Business Deluxe

AskChad Micro Business Deluxe is the perfect option for the Micro Business or Solopreneur who realizes the need for excellent IT support.

$155.00 / month

E-Commerce Site Design

Whether you’re in the market for something light and whimsical or professional and formal, AskChad has you covered.

$400.00 / month

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We can help you manage your internal IT and Creative process to keep you productive and efficient.