How to Improve SEO Ranking

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Creative Services, Services, Web Design

The Keys to the Kingdom | Search Engine Optimization

If you run a web-based business, a functional and put together website is probably your number one priority. But the truth of the matter is that you could have the smoothest website out there, and your business might still suffer. Why? Because it’s getting lost in the back pages of Google. 

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your search engine optimization. This way, your business can 


First off, make sure that you have the highest quality content possible. You may think it’s a step above the rest, but it’s necessary to get that thought confirmed by a professional. 

Quality content that targets your intended user increases site traffic because it’s relevant to those who seek it out. With an increase of people that find what they’re looking for will come even more traffic. This is all due to relevancy. 

It is also critical that the content be completely original. Not necessarily the ideas but the actual text must not be a copy and paste version of someone else’s. Google is able to tell if your content is similar to another on the web; it does not have to be an exact match to others on the web to get you penalized in the rankings either.


Choosing  your keywords is the most important part of your content strategy. Do your research and find relevant words and phrases that represent what you offer. 

Designate a keyword phrase for each page of your website. When creating that page, think about what a reader is specifically looking for. Integrate that word into the content to make answers easy to find. Creating a keyword or keyword phrase on each page will help to bring your page up on search engine results pages, too. 

It’s best to keep it down to one keyword phrase per page, unless two phrases are very similar with interchangeable words. If the keyword phrases are completely different, it’s unlikely the algorithm will pick them up – and that won’t help your SEO.

To improve your SEO further, place the keywords in important places. Places such as the URL, page titles, and headings work best. The keywords should be the main point of the page, since that subject is what people are searching for, but avoid making it sound unnatural by placing the word or phrase in too many places. 


Don’t let anything on your page get stale. Constant updates keep your website fresh and relevant, which means more visibility. 

It’s a good idea to schedule regular audits for your website, and update it frequently. 


Each page of your website contains a space between the <head> tags to insert information on that page – this is called metadata. 

Title metadata is the most important, being that it’s responsible for both the title of your website and its pages. This is why your headings and titles need to be full of keyword phrases – this way, search engines can read your metadata and pick the keywords up. 

Description metadata is a short summary of your page – what entices customers to take a look inside. Search engines won’t always use this for their results, but it’s important to present them with an opportunity to do so. 

Keyword metadata is rarely ever used by search engines, but if you already know your keywords, there’s no harm in adding them. 


Instead of breaking up the flow of text by inserting a “click here (description of where the link goes),” the better option is to embed your keywords with descriptive links. 

This means creating a pathway to another site by using words already on your page. This will increase your SEO and your site’s accessibility. 

Alt Tags

It’s necessary to describe your images and video using alt tags – alternative text descriptions. Search engines can find these descriptions, and therefore place you higher on the list of search results. 

And that’s not the only benefit – this also makes your site much more user-friendly towards people using text-only browsers or screen readers. 

These are a few of the many tactics you can utilize in order to increase your SEO – but laying the foundation of visibility is what’s most important. If you put these methods into play and continue to build your relevancy, your site will be on the first page of Google in no time. 


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