What Makes the Best Ecommerce Sites Great?

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Creative Services, E Commerce, Featured

Ecommerce design is an aspect of web design that might not seem all too important – but it is. A lot goes into making sure a website is not only inviting, but easy to use and a bit persuasive. There’s a fine line between pushy and welcoming, and the best Ecommerce sites out there know how to toe that line. 

Facebook and Instagram, two of the most popular sites out there, just announced that their users will now be able to shop without leaving the platform. As more people gravitated towards online shopping due to the onset of the coronavirus, Facebook and Instagram were forced to make a move in the ‘remote’ direction. 

It doesn’t end there. In the future, users will also be able to shop through Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instagram direct. 

The future is based around Ecommerce. So what are some of the best Ecommerce designs out there, and what makes them so great? This article lists five of the most noteworthy designs on the market today, and explains why they’re so highly-rated.

  1. New Chapter

New Chapter is a P&G brand that boasts vitamins and supplements related to athleticism and bodily health. Not only is their site design sleek with colors in all the right places, but it lets the user choose their own journey. 

There are quizzes to take, bundles of merchandise to peruse, and plenty of other products available with only a click. What helped make this site so successful is the use of A/B testing – testing that should be done early and often. 

New Chapter went from no money – literally, zero dollars – to a seven-figure channel in less than a year due to its stellar site design. 

The main takeaway here? Let your users choose. 

  1. Bliss

Bliss wins the aesthetics category, where it shines brighter than any other. It’s a company that sells spa and personal care products, and the pastel, shimmery colors on the website’s title page let you in on the tone before anything else does. 

Images are everything in Ecommerce design, and Bliss does a great job at portraying not only the usage of their products, but the results. 

What can we learn from Bliss? Visuals are everything!

  1. Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon is an artisan chocolate company based in Detroit, Michigan. Their personality shines through on their web page – it sucks the user right in. 

Creativity is important to Bon Bon Bon, and they want to put that across in their online presence by engaging their customers. 

They’ve solidified their upbeat, lighthearted brand by adding the extra “Bon” to their company’s name, then utilizing it across the board. For example, the chocolate artists are called the “Babes Babes Babes” and there’s a custom gift package called “Build a Box Box Box.” 

Bon Bon Bon reminds us that just because it’s business, doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy. Allow your company’s personality to glow. It’s what your customers want to see!

  1. Crossrope 

Crossrope’s goal is to bring the sport of jump roping back to the masses by using the only interchangeable jump rope system available on the market today. They also boast a fitness community of more than 75,000 members. 

The website does more than sell a product, it shows off the group of people who found their place within the Crossrope community. Along with being healthy and happy, the promise of being a part of something bigger is huge for this company. 

What to learn from Crossrope? Humans love being a part of something. Use that. 

  1. The Mountain

This design site (that got its start on Amazon) realized they needed a platform all to themselves once their products started flying off the shelves. 

The Mountain’s site prides itself in easy navigation, with new coupon codes around every corner. They understand each individual person to whom they’re advertising, and customize their coupons to fit perfectly.

The Mountain reminds us that each customer is unique, and because of this, they each spend their money differently. Treat them like the individuals they are.

 Of course, no one Ecommerce Design  will look alike – they shouldn’t. Every shop provides its own set of unique resources and amenities. So, now that you’ve read some of the highlights of the best-performing sites, what will your unique aspects be? 


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